What is the Irby Law Cup?

The Irby Law Cup is a season long FedEx Cup type leaderboard where players earn points for participation and tournament placement based on their individual net performance. At the end of the year we crown a winner along with payouts to the top 15 places. 

7 Team Events
We play 7 team events, but you are assigned points based on your individual net performance.  We count your best 5 out of 7 performances.  These events are single-weighted points.

3 Major Events
Beside the team events, we run 3 major events.  These events are double-weighted points. We count your 2 best out of 3 majors.  


2 Playoffs Events
At the end of the year, there will be a 2 day playoff and they are worth triple-weighted points. After both rounds from Day 1 and Day 2 are complete, we throw out the worst round for each player and use their best round. You get 2 chances to shoot a great round. Your best round establishes your position on the playoff leaderboard. In the season finale, you'll have a chance to gain a lot of ground or defend your ground based on where you stand.

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