How the Weekend Game Works

The Points Quota Game is played on the weekends.

1 pt for bogey, 2 pts for par, 4 pts for birdie, 8 pts for eagle.

You can get a closer look into how it works by viewing the Game Logs under the Weekend Choose-up Menu tab. It is a handicapped game. It doesn't matter if there are 2, 3 or 4 person teams, or what a person shoots. The handicap is the average of the last 5 quota scores a player shot.

Our online system eliminates human error and brings a tournament-like atmosphere to every weekend game:


  1. Accepts online registration
  2. Creates random draw teams
  3. Auto-generates customized scorecards
  4. Calculates winning team and skin payouts
  5. Displays TV leaderboards for skin winners, team leaders and individual performances
  6. Logs game results to men's club website
  7. Automatically updates players quota averages